Our infrastructure is built to deliver

data center virtual servers

High end Data Center

The datacenter boasts N+1 design, has diesel power generators and UPS back up. The climate control or HVAC systems have full particle filtering and humidity control (ASHRAE guidelines) Our datacenter is SSAE16, CSAE3416, ISAE3402 certified

Superior Network and connectivity

Yoku's datacenter is located in downtown Manhattan, with two additional Points of Presence (PoPs) nearby. Its central location offers great connectivity to Europe, South America, North america and Africa. We have outstanding connectivity and excellent reach to customers in the greater New York metropolitan area and Northeast, including the important population centers and business hubs of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia and North Carolina. We also maintain peering agreements which further improve performance. Most significantly, two public peering agreements are with exchanges located in New York.

Our Cloud Server Hosting Network Design

  • Network in Network Design
  • Separate dedicated cloud server networks providing blazing fast connections and redundancy
  • Firewalls
  • Public VLANs
  • Private VLANs
  • Ultra Fast redundant SAN Storage Network
  • Dedicated Network For Plug-In and On-Access services like (DNS, SQL, etc...)

Blazing Fast Dedicated Storage Network

Our SAN network is connected via dedicated ports on each host server, using our storage network you can expand your cloud server storage capability exponentially. Our cloud network and SAN storage solutions will suit even the toughest demands of our clients and their hosting needs. We utilize multiple SAN storage devices for better redundancy of our cloud server hosting solutions.

Real Private Secure Virtual Server Networks

You can now build simple or complex and secure internal networks within our data-center. Each server you order will be placed in your own private virtual network.

  • True Network Isolation
  • Private VLAN shared on all your servers
  • Run Active Directory or DHCP services
  • Share files and folders within your cloud servers.
  • Create Complex Windows And Linux Networks


Our Awesome Partners

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