Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Thanks to ever changing technology we now have the ability to provide businesses with the same services as dedicated servers or colocated hardware at a fraction of the carbon footprint of these solutions. Cloud computing enables us to provide the same power and more flexibility without the inherent wasting that traditional solutions cause. Cloud computing is the next step towards greener hosting. Get your business on the right track today by migrating your old hardware to a virtualized environment.

Consolidate and reduce waste

The ability to "devide up" a hardware server into virtual slices allows for a much higher percentage of total utilization of the hardware.

The higher density per square foot of datacenter space results in less wasted resources such as electricity and cooling as there are fewer servers too keep powered and cooled. In 2006, the Department of Energy estimated that U.S. data centers accounted for approximately 1.5 percent of all U.S. electricity usage.

Virtual hosting also eliminates waste at the server level by leveraging the full potential of a server spread over multiple virtual instances. Things like unused disk space, underutilized CPU & memory are a thing of the past as multiple applications running independently from each other can share in the server resources as needed. Virtualization can help replace multiple pieces of hardware and combine their applications into one efficient solution.

How can a virtual server compare to a dedicated server?

Your application although sharing hardware components with other applications will not lose any functionality and will maintain application isolation and security. Your virtual server runs totally independently from other virtual machines and has access to all the resources assigned to it.

Global Access Point

Providing global access to business applications increases staff efficiency and lowers the environmental footprint of a business as travel, commuting and shipping requirements. By consolidating in office servers into one central virtual server hosted in the cloud, your business will not only save on costs by not having to maintain local hardware but also save energy.

Your business can feel good about not only saving money, having a flexible solution that can grow with you and a solution that has a low carbon footprint.


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