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Since 2001 Yoku's team has specialized in VPS and cloud hosting solutions. We cater to businesses and individuals looking for reliable virtual servers and managed cloud hosting services at a competitive price. Yoku will go above and beyond for their clients with a personal level of service not found on the web today. We appreciate our cloud hosting and virtual server clients business and want to see them strive, this dedication to quality and customer service is what makes Yoku the right choice for your business.

At Yoku we have found that traditionally a business in need of a server would either contract dedicated hardware or use some type of remote co-location. Yoku enables a business to add On-The-Go IT infrastructure without the overhead that older dedicated hardware requires. Yoku offers an on-demand virtualized environment, allowing for rapid virtual server deployments, dynamic virtual resources at a lower cost than traditional dedicated or hardware solutions. Cloud server resources such as CPU power, bandwidth, disk capacity, can be adjusted on the fly and accommodate any business growth. Your cloud server can change in size at anytime for rapid expansion during peak times. Yoku Cloud servers give your business complete control and access to distributed services while saving you time and money.

Yoku was able to convert our in house server into a cloud server without any downtime. This has saved us a lot of aggravation due a failures which we kept having to hire local technicians to fix.

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The Yoku windows hyper-v cloud allow us to provision systems in as little as 20 minutes. The speed of deploying new virtual servers is a big benefit when your business is on a tight deadline or starting a new contract. Older hardware based servers take hours or even weeks to setup depending on supplies, shipping times, inventory and access to capital. In today's digital world, clients can benefit from the instant and automated cloud server provisioning that Yoku offers. Businesses can save money by leasing cloud servers instead of buying hardware and maintaining cash on hand reserves along with all the many additional costs that come with managing your own network. Here are just a few reasons why Cloud Servers are better than in-house or co-located hardware:

  • Need For Maintaining IT Staff
  • Higher accounting costs with assets, depreciation, etc.
  • Increased Shipping and Handling costs
  • Inventory and Stock requirements.

Let Yoku Cloud Hosting show you how we can save your business a considerable amount of time and money.

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